Punch In, Punch Out

Tracx Time lets you easily clock in, clock out, and add or modify time entries.

Here’s how. 

Clock In Anywhere

It’s as simple as it sounds – just click Clock In. The date and time will be filled automatically. All you have to do is fill in what you’re working on. You can close your browser, logout, go offline – and the clock keeps ticking. When you log in again, you’ll see the details of what you’re working on. Just click Clock Out, add any applicable notes, and you’re free.

Adding Time Entries

It happens. We all forget to clock in sometimes. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. As an admin, instead of dealing with emails, phone calls, and text messages to change or add an entry, you can allow certain users to add an entry on their own. For those you don’t trust, you’ll have to do it for them.


Modifying Time Entries

Entered the wrong time?  Need to dock time from an employee? Here’s where the timesheet editing comes in handy. As an admin, all that you have to do is run a quick report on your time entries, and click the pencil icon on the row you need to edit. The time of editing is also recorded for audit purposes.