Punch In, Punch Out
Employees can quickly and painlessly clock in and out. Optionally, you can choose to require customer, job, or task information.
Automatic Lunch
Optionally, setup automatic lunchtimes for your employees so they don't have to clock out and back in for lunch.
Overtime Calculations
Configure daily or weekly overtime calculations, depending on the laws in your area, and TracxTime will keep track automatically.
Cloud-Based Access
Tracx Time is cloud based. You can access your records via computer, tablet and phone - anywhere you have internet access.
Location Tracking
Reduce fraud by allowing managers to see where employees were located at the time of clocking in or out.
Acurate Reporting
Create reports to view information that is essential for the efficiency of your business. Use this information for customer billing, payroll, or analysis.
Connect to Quickbooks
Easily connect TracxTime to your QuickBooks Online account! Still using QuickBooks Desktop? Don't worry, we offer IIF exports to download as well.
Project Management
Project Management allows you to create estimates for certain jobs and track time spent, allowing you to quickly see where you're at.
Make it Yours
TracxTime can be easily customized by adding features you need, and turning off the features you don't need.